DJ your 1st set in just 7 days!


The Classroom

The first half of the week is spent undertaking an easy to follow, step-by-step process, to learn all the software and hardware skills required for DJing. Perfect for beginners with no previous experience. 


We all learn at different speeds and have unique strengths and weaknesses. 

Plenty of time is allocated to really make sure you're comprehending all of the technical skills, as well as supporting your creatively to bring through your own unique style and music expression. 

Rhythm Exploration

Understanding beats, tempo, and how it all affects the body and energy are key for becoming a great DJ. 

Daily guided drum circles and jams give us a true 'hands on' embodied experience, to then integrate that with song selection and mixing tracks on the DJ decks. 

Bring any of your own instruments, and I'll also help guide you on how to weave live music with your electronic sets, just as I've been doing with drumming for many years. 



Drop deeper into music, creativity, and yourself, with powerful live music and vocal activation experiences. 


Play the music that YOU love! Create an offering that's uniquely yours! 

This is an open space for more than just Ecstatic Dance. 

Create a special ceremony?

Combine DJing with Yoga or breathwork?

Play a banging club style evening set? 

Add live instruments or vocals?

The floor is yours!

Morning Movement

Every morning we open the day, with Dance and Embodiment Practices, guided by a professionally trained teacher.  

By deepening our physical and emotional awareness of dance, and how it connects to a broader range of sounds, we can then select music for DJing with greater atunement, connection and intention.


Ecstatic Dance is all about community. The intention of this week is to create a nourishing space of group coherence, where we lift each other up with support, and create a melting pot of inspiration, music sharing and ongoing collaboration. In all past trainings this has continued to prosper and grow, well beyond the week we share together. 


This is what it's all about!

After learning all the skills you'll be supported to create and play your 1st set at the end of the week. 

You'll choose a time slot, learn how to plug into the sound system and do a "sound-check" just like you would at any event. 

You'll be coached through any nerves and fears, learn how to navigate potential challenges, and get to play your music to an incredibly supportive dance-floor. 

After leaping over this 1st hurdle you'll be ready and primed to then share music with the outside world. The majority of students have gone on to play live gigs as soon as the next week or month after the training!




See that orange roof on the left of the photo?

Yes, this is where it all takes place! Authentic East Coast Bali (Jasri)

Plenty of nature to nourish and inspire our journey, fresh coconuts, and ocean swims to cool off after dancing.

This family style yoga centre was one of the 1st ever in Bali, and we love to respect and connect with the local culture the whole way through. 



Your Facilitator:


I'm Dion, I've been an active musician my whole life, and a teacher of everything from high school sports, surfing, yoga, drumming, Mens work and tantra. 

In more recent years, I became a full time DJ here in Bali, playing monthly at the world famous Yoga Barn Ecstatic Dance. I mixed it up with resident gigs with Disko Afrika at Savaya, other conscious events, ceremonies and headlined Bali Spirit Festival. 

In 2022 I brought these two elements together and created The Embodied DJ Training. Since then I've trained DJ students from all over the world, to light up dance floors and turn up the volume on LIFE.

I believe everyone has an inner DJ somewhere inside them. We've all got our favourite songs that both lift us up, and also help us make some sense of this crazy world. Figuring out the technical side of things and embodying the confidence to share music publicly can be pretty overwhelming! 

Whether you’ve never even picked up an instrument before in your life, or you're looking to add another element to your skillset  of music, movement or ceremonial facilitation, I look forward to taking this creative journey with you and helping you shine!



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